March 14, 2017

Fundraiser event POSTPONED Until March 30th

Due to the snow and blizzard-like conditions, we will be postponing the event* until Thursday, March 30th. We hope you will be able to join us- same time, same place, NEW DATE! 
(*yes, there will still be pie!)

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March 13, 2017

Tanzi celebrates funding for local bike path expansions

STATE HOUSE – Rep. Teresa Tanzi, a longtime ardent advocate for the state’s bike paths and bikeable community development, today expressed her excitement that the completion of two new spurs of the William C. O’Neill Bike Path will soon be funded.
“South County is such a beautiful part of the state, where locals as well people from far and wide come looking for recreation and relaxation. Expanding the South County Bike Path is a rewarding investment that will enrich the lives of Rhode Islanders from all walks of life, provide greater opportunities for healthy exercise and transportation, increase pedestrian traffic that helps local businesses and strengthen the fabric of communities by getting people out of their cars and among their neighbors,” said Representative Tanzi (D-Dist. 34, South Kingstown, Narragansett). “I’ve worked very hard over the years to push for more miles of bikeway, and I’m thrilled that the Green Economy bond passed and we will soon be developing them, particularly here in South County.”
Representative Tanzi is a founding member of a coalition called “Paths to Progress,” which formed in 2015 to advocate for the expansion and connection of bike paths in the state, including the completion of the William C. O’Neill Bike Path. She has long advocated locally and at the state level for bike path development, and made a strong push for the Green Economy bond as a member of the House Finance Committee and its environment and transportation subcommittee.
The Department of Environmental Management announced this week the details of $10 million in investments in bike paths across the state that will be funded by the $35 million Green Economy bond approved by voters in November. The money will fund 10 bikeway projects around Rhode Island and create over 10 new miles of bike paths in the state.
Included in those funds is $750,000 to fully fund the completion of a .26-mile section of the South County Bike Path connecting it to the Narragansett Community Center. This new section, known as Segment 4A, will take riders safely across Mumford Road and through Canonchet Farm, keeping riders off the road and connecting the community center, which can provide much-needed parking for bike path users. Since the Community Center is also the town’s senior center, its connection to the bike path will provide the town’s seniors with a safe paved path through a beautiful area, said Representative Tanzi. 
“This is an extremely positive step for an important project for the town of Narragansett,” said Narragansett Town Manager James M. Manni.
Also included is $2.2 million to create the “URI Connector,” 2.1 miles of path that will connect the South County Bike Path to Flagg Road, which runs to the University of Rhode Island’s South Kingstown campus. With an additional $400,000 committed by URI, the project’s estimated $2.6 million cost will be fully funded.
Besides providing the URI campus with access to the path, the segment will also connect West Kingston Elementary School, which will finally provide students there a safe way to bike to the school, Representative Tanzi said.
Although funded by different sources, the state will also soon be embarking on another expansion of the South County Bikeway, the South County Commons bike spur. That project will create a 3,400-linear-foot bike path connector from Broad Rock Middle School’s Athletic Fields and the senior center to the South County Commons. Its costs will be funded through a $400,000 recreational acquisition and development grant from DEM and $175,000 from the Town of South Kingstown.

“In a time of shrinking federal dollars for environmentally friendly projects such as bike path development, it is important for Rhode Island to make investments in projects like these. Our state’s bikeways have been in development for decades, and every expansion means Rhode Islanders have better access to opportunities for healthy recreation and transportation as well as appreciation of our state’s natural beauty,” said South Kingstown Councilwoman Liz Gledhill, who has been an active participant in planning for the further development of local bike paths.

September 19, 2016

With Gratitude!!

I want to express my immense gratitude to the voters who have once again put their trust in me and called on me to represent our community in the General Assembly. It has been a distinct honor to do so, and I am eager to continue to build coalitions, engage the public and work with my colleagues to fight for an improved quality of life for all of us -- whether it's making sure our community hospital and the Port of Galilee have a strong advocate representing them and that our schools are properly funded, or keeping our children safe from guns and away from nicotine and opioids, or advocating for better transit and recreational opportunities for all ages, you can be sure I will be leading the way!
And a heartfelt thank you to the MANY volunteers who have spent countless hours away from their lives and families to help my campaign; we inspired a stunning 21% of eligible voters to have their voices heard, and compared to the statewide average of 9%, this shows how engaged we all are in this community! Whether you were writing postcards, making phone calls, or on the doors with me-- it was equally important to the success of this campaign. It was awe inspiring to have you at my side, and I know that we are a stronger community with a more powerful voice because we came together to fight for issues that matter in the lives of everyone. I am humbled by your renewed support and I look forward to continuing the important work that has brought us together.
I will continue to fight passionately for all the people and the businesses of this district, do my homework, and listen to your input. I believe the people of District 34 want a representative who is positive, who has a plan to move forward, and a proven record to back up her words. 
I am grateful that members of the community believe in me enough to turn to me when they need help with a state issue, or call and share their concerns. It is critical that I am aware of the issues you face and the impact proposals in the General Assembly have on your lives. I take this responsibility very seriously, and have learned much from speaking with you all; it is your perspective that has allowed me to better serve our community. 
My family and I have abundant gratitude for all that we have received from this community, and it is this gratitude that fuels my intention to honor this gift with all I have to offer in representing District 34 for two more years!!!

September 7, 2016

District 34 candidates respond to queries on guns

Tanzi is a public health champion

I am proud to support Teresa Tanzi in her re-election for Representative to the General Assembly. I have found a true ally in Representative Teresa Tanzi in my work as a public health advocate for the State of Rhode Island, and as a Professor at Brown University.  Year after year, Representative Tanzi fights to address the harmful impacts of smoking and tobacco products at our state house on behalf of every Rhode Islander. I am most impressed with Representative Tanzi’s tenacity in addressing public health issues, and basing her unwavering support on scientific evidence.
Representative Tanzi has sponsored legislation that would include electronic cigarettes in our current workplace safety laws, and prohibit their use in public places and enclosed facilities within places of employment.  With the relative newness of electronic nicotine delivery systems (e-cigarettes), minimal scientific study of these products has been conducted, including research on long-term use and exposure.  The health consequences  of e-cigarettes and exposure to secondhand e-cigarette emissions are unknown. Scientific evidence has not established these products to be safe, and in fact cancer causing chemicals in available brands have been detected by the FDA. The federal government has recently weighed in on the potential harmful effects of electronic cigarettes, but states must carry most of the policy protecting citizens from these substances. Representative Tanzi has fought for multiple legislative sessions to ensure that public places and workplaces remain completely smoke and vapor-free. 
Representative Tanzi has also been a champion of raising the smoking age from 18 to 21.  Smoking is responsible for 1800 deaths per year in the state of Rhode Island and an estimated $1.1 Billion due to smoke-related illness and deaths. We know that roughly ninety percent of adult smokers began smoking during their teenage years.  Increasing the minimum age of access can have significant public health benefits for women, children, infants and families by delaying the age at which people begin smoking.  Also, keeping e-cigarettes out of the hands of 18-20 year olds makes access for those under 18 more difficult. Each year, 2,600 kids in Rhode Island try cigarettes for the first time; and 500 additional kids become new regular, daily smokers.  Without additional action to reduce tobacco use, 16,000 of the youth in Rhode Island today will die early from tobacco-related disease.

Representative Tanzi understands how harmful the effects of tobacco products are on our youth, on our general population and on the increased costs associated with smoking.  She has remained a steadfast advocate and I hope that for this, and many other reasons, that you will stand behind Rep. Tanzi and re-elect her to the Rhode Island General Assembly on the Democratic Primary on September 13th.
Patricia Markham Risica, DrPH

K-12 and Higher Ed School Funding (House District 34 Candidate Forum, Question 1)

September 2, 2016

Democratic Primary Forum, House Districts 34 & 35

The voters have clear choices in the September 13th Democratic Primary. 
I am very proud of my record and experience, and hope you will watch the video and spread the word so voters can make informed decisions!!

Tanzi has earned another term at the Statehouse

I am a volunteer with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. While in this role I have had the opportunity to lobby at the Statehouse and because of that I have received a huge education into the way our local government works or doesn’t work. I have also gotten to know Rep. Teresa Tanzi (D-Dist. 34) of Narragansett, Peace Dale and Wakefield, and her views, her determination to fight for what is right, her honesty and the many hours she puts into this job.
She is huge supporter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense and has fought hard for the House of Representatives to simply take a vote on the many issues we face as we try to keep our community safe.
She fights hard for small businesses in our community so they are able to compete with the large corporations. This allows us to keep our small towns the way we like them, small.
She knows the importance of healthy living, and without Tanzi our bike path would still be in the works. She fought for a mandatory 20-minute recess for children in schools, more appropriate use of testing in our schools and a higher age limit for tobacco use – just a few among so many other issues that are important to raising healthy children.
I have found her a tireless fighter for what is right in our communities. Please vote for Teresa Tanzi for House District 34 on September 13 and let us continue improving our towns.
Barbara Swanson


Tanzi’s character is above reproach

This letter is written in support of Teresa Tanzi (D-District 34) of Narragansett, Peace Dale and Wakefield, who is running for re-election. People often say you only hear from politicians around election time. Nothing could be further from the truth with Tanzi. I have witnessed first hand her commitment to helping others. My sister, who lives in Peace Dale Estates, is confined to a wheelchair and has faced several issues over the years with housing and mobility. Tanzi has been there for us to resolve these issues, and help my sister to improve her quality of life. She also called my sister several times a week to be sure she was OK.
Over and over again, I am impressed with Tanzi’s character, her availability, and her dedication to her constituents. Who else publishes their cell phone number so their constituents can call when they need help? Well, Tanzi does, and my family and I will be supporting her on Sept. 13.
Anita Burke