May 3, 2009


By Teresa Tanzi

A progressive movement is brewing, and South Kingstown and Narragansett can be a driving force behind it. Things have not been going the way many of us had envisioned when we voted for change in 2008. Our little state is not leading in the ways we all feel are most important. Unemployment is at record highs, budget impasses are hurting us where we live, work and play. No one is immune from the impact of the economic downturn, but the vision for the future needs to be shaped in a way that is good for ALL Rhode Islanders. Together, with the right policies, and the right kind of representation at the State House, we can get Rhode Island moving the way we envision. There is still time, but we simply cannot afford to continue in the direction we’re currently headed, we need someone with vision who is willing to stand up for ideals when it most counts, NOW. We need leadership.