July 2, 2009

We Could Not Believe it Ourselves!

FBy Teresa Tanzi

The campaign's first quarter has closed, the numbers are in, and the news could not be any better. We exceeded our lofty goal, and are still getting contributions in daily.

In three short months, and with fourteen more to go until primary day (September 14, 2010, for your calendars):

our campaign has received $5,695 in donations!

Some as small as $5 and $12 - as you can see, they add up quickly.

We could not believe it ourselves, and the best part of it has been the genuine support of the people who live in the community. I have some of their letters taped to my office wall as inspiration. My favorite was this photo of a 'tween's calendar board which says, "Teresa Tansy State Rep" in the corner. It is amazing what one campaign, in three short months can do. I am looking forward to forging ahead and meeting more and more of the people I hope to represent, and thanks to all of you for helping out!

Keep telling your friends and neighbors about my campaign, together we can make the change we voted for in '08 a reality!

P.S. The first quarter may be over, but the second quarter has just begun and we need to keep the momentum going. Please donate what you can, and thanks again for an amazing beginning!