October 30, 2009

And the drumroll please...

The Second Quarter was as great as the First: Together, we have raised $10,818 in just six months!

This quarter had many remarkable benchmarks, the campaign:

1) Received it's first PAC endorsement, with the first PAC check for $500!

Thanks so much to REP PAC for being there EARLY and for NOT being afraid to support a non-traditional candidate! As we all know, Early Money Is Like Yeast.

2) Surpassed the $10,000 mark in just six months!

3) Had 56 donors contribute this quarter, and 117 to date.

4) Received a record 26 donations in just one day from Facebook!

We averaged $88.58 per donor this quarter, and $92.45 per donor overall.

I am so proud of our grassroots campaign and I am thrilled to say that every day the campaign gets stronger and broader. Keep spreading the word and telling your friends because that is the ONLY way we will win this seat! As I continue to say, support comes in many forms, and I am truly grateful for ALL your support!

Thank You,


and it is never too early to donate for the next quarter!