November 18, 2009

Support for Sustainability

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

I was just checking oil prices for delivery and I wanted to share this with those of you who use oil to heat your homes. Right now the price for dirty old imported fossil fuel is $2.75 gallon and the price for 100% recycled, locally produced biodiesel is only $2.58. Though it is not always the case, B-99, as it is referred to, is cheaper right now- and always cleaner to use! There are other formulations as well, B-20 and B-50 if you want to ease into it. Either way, you can cut your fossil fuel consumption quite significantly.

We get ours delivered from TH Malloy, who brings it directly from Newport Biodiesel's facility to our home. (We also use it to fill our diesel engine VW Golf, but again, you need to check for compatibility.) Both of these companies are local and, in my opinion, worth supporting if you can. One consideration may be whether your system is modern enough (they can help determine this- and feel free to call my unsuspecting husband Eric and ask him).

We do not get anything for promoting them, other than the satisfaction of helping the environment and the local RI economy. Feel free to contact them directly with any questions if you are interested, and feel free to call me if you have any questions or hesitations...

Of course, feel free to share this with everyone you know. We need to vote with our dollars whenever we can and sustain the businesses that will help sustain our planet and our state!

Thanks, All!

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


T.H. Malloy 333-0665

Teresa and Eric 527-9468