February 11, 2010

Pier vacancies topic of concern

From The South County Independent (2/11/10)
One suggestion at last week’s meeting came from Teresa Tanzi, a Wakefield resident who said she is friends with the owners of the Cheeky Monkey, Jeff and Stephanie Cruff.

“We often talk about what to do with the Pier,” Tanzi said. “One thing that the owners came up with is an idea for some kind of waiver in the winter to enable them to put up more prominent signage on Kingstown Road and the surrounding roads for the shoulder months to remind people in Narragansett who are in the area that they’re open for business and not just seasonal.”

There will be a special meeting at Narragansett's Town Hall at 6 PM on March 15th to discuss the economic development of the Pier. All interested parties should attend and voice their ideas and concerns, the growing number of vacancies may finally be the impetus for the town and its citizenry to create some much needed changes to the area.
I hope to see you there and hear your ideas! Click for the complete South County Independent article.