April 30, 2010

May 1 Implementation of Catch-Share Sector Management


Teresa Tanzi, candidate for State Representative in District 34 including Galilee, applauds the Rhode Island Congressional delegation for signing on to the recent letter to Secretary Locke at the Department of Commerce. The concern of this letter was the May 1 implementation of catch-share sector management, arguably the biggest change to the New England fishing industry in generations. The letter touches on the great sense of uncertainty that exists within the Port of Galilee and throughout our community.

Tanzi joins our U.S. Senators and Representatives in urging the Secretary to consider the impact of implementation on the families and the community as a whole, and recommend that he increase the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) quotas for specific species to a level that is sustainable for both the industry and the fish. This cooperation is urgently needed in the midst of an unprecedented economic downturn, and especially in the wake of recent flooding in South County. This step will significantly aid in the transition to sectors by giving boats a more reasonable "share" of the resource.

“Now is no time to lower harvest levels on the third largest port in the Northeast and in a state with 12.6% unemployment and high foreclosures," said Tanzi. "This industry represents one of the economic anchors of my district. We must find a balance that preserves both of our assets- the working waterfront, and the natural resources that drive it. The economic and cultural heritage of Galilee is not something that I will let slip away. The health of the fish stocks and the health of the fleet do not need to be in conflict. The men and women I have spoken with on all sides agree on one thing: without thoughtful balance, there is no future.”

Tanzi is a consensus builder who has met with the DEM and the fishermen in search of middle ground, and will continue her advocacy at the state level when elected. As a Chamber of Commerce member and appointee to the South Kingstown Economic Development Committee, she understands the impact not only on the fleet, but on the surrounding businesses. “Without the boats going out, the fuel suppliers and ice plants, net makers and grocers, are losing income, too. The collateral damage is community-wide. The social and economic shortsightedness of the Commerce Department in its implementation of Amendment 16 will impact all of the surrounding businesses, big and small," says Tanzi.

With a broad platform that focuses on the overall health of the community, Tanzi looks to preserve and accentuate the strengths of her district to improve the economic opportunities. “My district encompasses South County Hospital, the Port of Galilee, neighborhoods around the University of Rhode Island, and sites of proposed wind farms. These industries can lead our state out of the recession.”
For more information on the Tanzi campaign, please call at 401.527.9468, email info@teresatanzi.com, or visit www.teresatanzi.com.