July 13, 2010

Art Auction Success!

by Michael Danna

Last Tuesday, we had our long-planned and anticipated Silent Art Auction fundraiser. It was a HUGE success! First, thank you so much to the over forty five local artists who donated well over a hundred pieces for the event! Pieces covered all forms of art, including paintings, sketches, jewelry, photographs, sculptures, knitted items and more. We had hand-knit quilts and a rare photo of Robert Kennedy, beautiful glass work and a sculpted piece from Jakarta. The work that artists donated to the event was incredibly beautiful and generous - thank you all very much.

Our turnout was also phenomenal! The event generated lots of interest from people on Main St. during the annual Ladies Night and Teresa was able to talk to many voters about issues and why she's running. Well over 50 people bid on the items and many more browsed the art and learned about the campaign. The event was a wonderful chance for people to see and bid on the beautiful work of South County's art community and to make a donation to the Tanzi campaign. Of course, all donations go directly to buying post cards, stamps and ink - our essentials.

We're looking forward to another two months full of events, house parties, walking the neighborhoods and talking to everyone in the community!