July 2, 2010

Thank You for a Successful Kick-Off

By Libby Kimzey, Campaign Manager
Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our Kick-Off and Reception Tuesday night at Hanson's Pub in Wakefield!
A huge thank you to our speakers, Alan Woodmansee, Ann Marie Denelle and Leslie Chouinard, who each braved the mic and offered to the crowd why they are supporting Teresa's campaign.
Nearly 80 people attended the kick-off event and many more of you were there in spirit. Through your generosity we netted over $1300 that will pay for postage, ink cartridges and snacks for volunteers over the coming months. We have signed up huge numbers of volunteers to send post cards and knock on doors, yards to display signs, and cars to display magnets.

The speaking program is below in clips, videography done by Robert Malin and South County Productions. 

Leslie Chouinard and Libby Kimzey introduce Teresa Tanzi.

Ann Marie Denelle Introduces Teresa Tanzi.

Alan Woodmansee Introduces Teresa Tanzi.
Teresa Tanzi announces her candidacy for District 34 State Representative.