August 26, 2010

Follow The Money in District 34

All excerpts from Caprio raises most cash in Assembly races as published in the South County Independent, by Liz Boardman/Independent Staff Writer

Teresa Tanzi, Caprio's Democratic challenger in the Sept. 14 primary, started the reporting period with $10,071.63 in her coffers. She raised an additional $3,975.55, including $2,610 in small donations.

Larger donations came from physician Jeffreys Bandola of Wakefield ($140); Alan Woodmansee of Wakefield ($500) and  Marianne O'Neill, a homemaker in Narragansett ($250). Narragansett Town Council candidate Ryan Drugan also donated $34 to the Tanzi campaign.

Tanzi spent $5,452.23, including $100 to the Wakefield Downtown Merchants Association and $120 to the Narragansett Chamber of Commerce; $500 to Left Brain, an integrative marketing company in Providence; $750 to NGP Software of Washington, D.C., for consulting services, and $260 to Balloon Imprinting of Gardena, Calif.

Democratic Rep. David Caprio leads the way in fund-raising in local General Assembly races, picking up $19,760 from individuals and political action committees in the last reporting period, which ran from April 1 to June 30.
Caprio, who is the incumbent in the District 34 race representing Narragansett and South Kingstown, began the period with $39,481.81 on hand.

His list of larger donations reads like "Who's Who in Rhode Island," including former Lt. Gov. Richard Licht ($150), former Speaker of the House William Murphy ($200), the Cardi Brothers, Nick, Ron and Pete ($150 each), lobbyist Andrew Annaldo ($250) and trial lawyer Eva Mancuso ($300). Political action committees also contributed $3,150 ...

Caprio spent $6,352.98, including $1,500 to Amy Gabarra of Providence, for event planning and fund-raising; $3,000 to Primedia of Warwick for consultant services, and $276 and $232, respectively, for ads in the Narragansett Times and the South County Independent.

After the primary, the winner will face Republican Timothy Burchett of Narragansett, who, according the state Board of Elections Web site, is not required to file a financial report until Oct. 4, 28 days before the election.

Likewise, the independent in the race, Peter J. Stone of Narragansett, has submitted a filing exemption that states he will not accept contributions of more than $100, or spend more than $1,000 in the calendar year, so he is not required to file an expense report.