September 2, 2010

Time for Change in District 34 by Harvey Cataldo

As published by the South County Independent,

LETTERS- I am writing this letter in support of Teresa Tanzi, candidate for the District 34 representative seat.

The time is now for new blood at the State House. We have been languishing for years in our district as property taxes continue to skyrocket because of cuts and unfunded mandates by the General Assembly being dumped on our community.

Our current representative being part of the leadership is part of the problem. He has no choice but to bow down to the status quo or he, no matter what he says, would not hold the position he holds.

Teresa Tanzi has no such allegiances at the State House. She has a vested interest in our community as a home and business owner, along with her husband, and they are raising their family here. She understands how her decisions upstate would affect us down here. We need a representative, like her, who lives in the community year-round, available to their constituents on a daily basis, not just summers and election years. We need a representative who watches that our tax dollars are spent wisely, a representative who will make decisions based on how they affect us in South County, not how they affect the people of Providence or Barrington - that is what the term "representative" should mean for South County.

We also need to consider, as was pointed out in a recent letter to the editor, that for the first time we have the potential of having a father and two sons in the most powerful political positions that this state has - governor, the chair of Judiciary in the House and the chief judge of the Providence Muncipal Court.

What happened to separation of powers? Does this not put us all in a precarious position?

Please consider Teresa Tanzi for state representative on Sept. 14.

Harvey Cataldo