October 7, 2010

Forum for Candidates

Timothy Burchett (R), Peter Stone (I), Teresa Tanzi (D)
photo by John Woodmansee

Excerpted from the Narragansett Times, by Brett Warnke: 
In District 34, Teresa Tanzi (who defeated incumbent David Caprio in the Democratic Primary) faces Burchett and Stone, two populist libertarians. She structured her remarks around "transparency, accountability, and fairness" while criticizing (the recent slashing of the top tax rate from 9.9% to 5.99% for the highest income earners as) "handouts to the wealthiest in Rhode Island." She supported placing the Assembly's committee and floor votes on-line. Like all the other candidates, Tanzi supported delaying regulations on local fisherman. Both Burchett and Tanzi agreed about their weariness for 401k's as a path to pension reform. "they are a risk and a gamble," Tanzi said. Peter Stone, meanwhile repeatedly stated his belief that "illegal aliens" were the cause of the state's troubles and that if "illegals"were put on a ship and sent out of state, there would be more jobs. "Illegal aliens are stealing this country blind. They are taking it all," he said. He and Burchett echoed eachother's belief that businesses were "over-regulated and overtaxed." "Don't we have enough laws by now?" Burchett asked. Both Stone and Burchett named an individual D.E.M. official as the cause of fishing regulations.