October 26, 2012

Tanzi Listens and Works for the Community

I am writing this letter in support of Teresa Tanzi’s candidacy for State Representative. 

Over the past two years I have watched as she has worked at being a spokesperson on issues   that affect Narragansett residents.  I have seen her at Planning Board meetings, Town Council meetings, and Coastal Resource Management meetings.  When I have had concerns, I have contacted her for information and received answers to my questions.   Two specific areas are the threatened development of property behind Stop and Shop which contains perhaps the most important Native American site on the East Coast and the route Deep Water Wind will be taking through Narragansett.  I have seen her work as a facilitator in a committee which had participants with very diverse ideas.  She was able to use her negotiating skills to reach compromises that worked for all.

Unfortunately, with the recent redistricting of Narragansett, I am no longer in her district.  That disappoints me because I think she has done a great job, put in many hours, and looked after the interests of the Town of Narragansett.  

Kathie Kelleher