October 29, 2012

Tanzi Supports Green Energy

As one of the leading environmental advocates in the General Assembly, Representative Teresa Tanzi practices what she preaches. Her home in Wakefield is heated by 100% Rhode Island produced biodiesel and the car she drives is also powered by the fuel from Newport Biodiesel.

Rep. Tanzi stands beside the wind turbine before it is
erected at Fishermen's Memorial Campground
“These are real jobs for Rhode Islanders,” said Tanzi. “I am a strong believer in a green economy. Taking what was once discarded, used fryer oil from restaurants in this case, and turning it into biodiesel, has created jobs, reduced the carbon footprint of our household, and provided a brighter future for our state.”

She was a co-sponsor of a legislative package signed into law last year which encourages the generation and use of renewable energy in Rhode Island.
The bills facilitate and promote the installation of grid-connected and distributed-generation renewable energy, diversify the state’s energy- generation sources, stimulate economic development and reduce delays in renewable energy projects.