October 18, 2012

The Health of Our Community

One unifying theme of my work is “The Health Of Our Communities” which is obviously about much more than our physical health. It is about the environment. The air, water and natural resources we rely on in South County for tourism. It includes our economy. Helping our small businesses who compete with big box stores on a daily basis. It is about Healthy funding sources for two of our biggest employers: The University of Rhode Island & South County Hospital.
- Restoring Funding to URI so that education is affordable and research can be performed to keep us competitive.
-And for our hospital, it is about making sure that licensing fees and taxes are fairly paid by the state’s larger hospitals and not disproportionately placed on smaller hospitals like ours.

 The physical health of our residents is important too. Expanding our bike path, hiking trails and Wakefield’s walkable downtown. These investments improve the quality of life and lead to healthier individuals spending fewer dollars on healthcare and more dollars in our local stores. The work that I do is ALL about the health of our community- focusing on our small businesses, our natural resources, and indeed our physical health. That is where I will keep my focus, if re-elected.

This was Representative Tanzi's one minute opening statement at the League of Women Voters debate.