November 1, 2012

FEMA Update

As of 11 am this morning, there are 2 teams of FEMA officials in South Kingstown assessing the damage, with one team focusing on public assets and the other on private property. The town will then file it's application for declaration to be joined with others from the state and a decision will be provided by the federal government for the state as a whole. There will likely be several offices opening throughout the state (concentrated where the most damage has occurred) in the coming week or two where businesses and individuals can file their own application for assistance. The first step will be for the claimant to apply to their private insurance and keep close documentation on the damage. This is an important step to facilitate the federal assistance.
As I get more information, I will continue to share it and update often. I will also continue to visit businesses in the district to help answer any questions as best as I can, and direct people to the resources necessary to recover. I understand people are losing patience, and I will continue to fight for the resources South County needs to recover from this storm.