October 8, 2014

School committee member supports Tanzi

Narragansett Times October 8, 2014
In my capacity as a School Committee member for the last 8 years, it has been a great pleasure to work with Representative Teresa Tanzi as she advocated for South Kingstown public schools over her last 2 terms.  Teresa has continually and affectively stepped up and done an outstanding job representing South Kingstown.  Every December the school committee meets with our local reps in a public work session.  Not only has she attended all those meetings she goes the extra mile and works diligently to interact with all stakeholders.

She has met with and supported our administration, teachers, parents, support staff and students.  She is a tireless advocate for our schools.  Utilizing this firsthand experience she then effectively represents our needs at the Statehouse, and I am sure she does the same for Narragansett.  The results she has achieved for our schools benefit everyone, as they go beyond the students and dive right into the costs to run our great public schools.  Lower costs means fewer tax dollars required.  We are always working on more ways to save and she has been right there with us, advocating at the State House.

The responsibilities of a Representative are endless, but in the end, as has been stated by the late Tip O’Neil, “all politics are local.”  Teresa always works hard and focuses on the needs of her constituents.  Please vote for her in November, I know she will continue to advocate for the citizens of Narragansett and South Kingstown.

Kevin Jackson
South Kingstown School Committee