September 2, 2016

Teresa Tanzi works diligently for the district

Teresa Tanzi has my vote this year for House District 34 representing Narragansett, Wakefield and Peace Dale.
I have known Teresa for the past five years and I have a deep respect for her. She listens carefully when you speak and is not afraid to go against convenient positions or the status quo. She supports causes and values that I share, such as gun control and environmentalism, and is very active in our community. I met Tanzi when I became involved in the Healthy Places by Design Initiative. This initiative was initially grant funded and town directed, but has continued as a citizen driven organization that supports active lifestyles and greater access to safe biking/walking and healthy foods.
A few years ago, a fellow Peace Dale Elementary School parent and I approached Tanzi about our desire to introduce the orange crosswalk flags to the Peace Dale neighborhood – similar to those found on Main Street in Wakefield. These would increase safety for those walking in our neighborhood, especially children walking to school. She suggested we apply for a legislative grant. We did and received funds sufficient to fabricate and install the flags at five crosswalks. Tanzi helped us each step of the way. Every time I cross over the once treacherous Peace Dale Public Library crosswalk with my kids in tow and orange flag in hand, I feel empowered. When you have a public official who listens and adds her voice, things can happen. I have attended several South Kingstown Town Council meetings and town Transportation Traffic Safety Committee meetings where Tanzi is adamant about prioritizing the safety of our students moving to and from our local schools.
This is just one specific example of Tanzi’s community involvement. I know she works diligently for our district – check out her Facebook page to get a sampling of all she does.
Kateri Collins