September 19, 2016

With Gratitude!!

I want to express my immense gratitude to the voters who have once again put their trust in me and called on me to represent our community in the General Assembly. It has been a distinct honor to do so, and I am eager to continue to build coalitions, engage the public and work with my colleagues to fight for an improved quality of life for all of us -- whether it's making sure our community hospital and the Port of Galilee have a strong advocate representing them and that our schools are properly funded, or keeping our children safe from guns and away from nicotine and opioids, or advocating for better transit and recreational opportunities for all ages, you can be sure I will be leading the way!
And a heartfelt thank you to the MANY volunteers who have spent countless hours away from their lives and families to help my campaign; we inspired a stunning 21% of eligible voters to have their voices heard, and compared to the statewide average of 9%, this shows how engaged we all are in this community! Whether you were writing postcards, making phone calls, or on the doors with me-- it was equally important to the success of this campaign. It was awe inspiring to have you at my side, and I know that we are a stronger community with a more powerful voice because we came together to fight for issues that matter in the lives of everyone. I am humbled by your renewed support and I look forward to continuing the important work that has brought us together.
I will continue to fight passionately for all the people and the businesses of this district, do my homework, and listen to your input. I believe the people of District 34 want a representative who is positive, who has a plan to move forward, and a proven record to back up her words. 
I am grateful that members of the community believe in me enough to turn to me when they need help with a state issue, or call and share their concerns. It is critical that I am aware of the issues you face and the impact proposals in the General Assembly have on your lives. I take this responsibility very seriously, and have learned much from speaking with you all; it is your perspective that has allowed me to better serve our community. 
My family and I have abundant gratitude for all that we have received from this community, and it is this gratitude that fuels my intention to honor this gift with all I have to offer in representing District 34 for two more years!!!