December 8, 2017

New Rhode Island law to restrict e-cigarettes

A new law in Rhode Island goes into effect Jan. 1 that will place restrictions on e-cigarettes. The measure, passed in the special September session of the General Assembly, bans the uses of e-cigarettes at all school facilities, where traditional cigarettes have been banned for years. "It's responding to modern technology, I would have loved to have done this four or five years ago when the devices first came out. To me it’s a public health issue," said state Rep. Teresa Tanzi, the sponsor of the House version of the bill. The new law will also require that the liquids used in electronic nicotine delivery devices, which often come in different colors and flavors, be sold in child-proof containers. "A child who comes across a vile, an attractive tiny vile, filled with pink liquid, bubble gum flavor could potentially be lethal," said Tanzi. A report recently released by Rhode Island Kids Count indicates that in 2015, 19 percent of high school students and 7.5 percent of middle school students had reported using an e-cigarette at the same time traditional cigarette use was at an all-time low for those age groups. Tanzi told NBC 10 News that she plans to reintroduce legislation next session that would amend Rhode Island’s current smoke-free workplace law to include e-cigarettes.