August 27, 2018

Survey shows most R.I. lawmakers want longer statute of limitations on sex-abuse crimes

How, or why, would anyone try to protect those who perpetrated such unimaginable crimes on our children- especially those who have had benefitted from the trust bestowed upon them by virtue of their relationship to the church. This bill should have had a vote, and should I be back in January, I will once again co-sponsor this bill and demand an immediate vote from our new leadership. Kudos to Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee for her efforts on this issue! #TimesUpRI

Rep. Teresa Tanzi, D-South Kingstown: “We are out of step with our neighbors 
and out of step with reality. The average age at which people come forward 
with their stories of abuse is at age 57. These are horrible experiences 
that take decades to process, and 7 years is woefully inadequate.” 

Excerpt from Projo article, link above to full story.