October 28, 2018

Girl Scouts honor Tanzi as "Leading Woman of Distinction"

It was quite an honor to be recognized by The Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England as a "Leading Woman of Distinction" at their annual awards breakfast. At the ceremony I was asked what advice I would offer girls today, and I gave the following advice:

"We must teach our girls to be resilient, to stand tall and proud and speak up. Speak out. Be loud. Be angry. BE UNAPOLOGETIC. Girls need to speak truth to power, own their power, cultivate their power, and we must let them lead, because they will be the ones who change the world." 

Thank you to the Girls Scouts for inspiring generations of girls to be strong, confident women in world that constantly challenges them. Now, more than ever, we need an organization like theirs and I am so grateful to them for this recognition. #GirlPower